He Was a King (MOTS exclusive)

Story Behind The Song

The genre Religious was a bit poor in my catalog. So after the stunning and unexpected success of my 'Avé Maria de la Plaine', beautifully rendered by talented Soprano Nancy Lallemand, in the pure classical genre, but in french, I wanted a piece to celebrate more the next Holiday season rather than a prayer to Maria. This one was inspired right after I saw the great movie 'The Son of God'. I was so moved by this remake, that 'He Was a King' was written in 3 hours. A blow of something from Himself in person, I guess. As I was a long date fan of DeDe Wedekind, I just made it for her voice. And really, it couldn't be best performed by her. It is definitely my best moving/inspirational/religious track of all times. And am proud of it. Dede pushed by music to another notch. Thank you so much DeDe, the beginning of a new partnership. God Bless You!

Song Description

He, is the Son of God. This song describes the faith that one has in Him, describing His Life, His methods. Yet a bit of Holiday seasons, about His birth, a slow waltz (tempo 75) all in nuances, with 3 uplifting modulations, from A, to C, then Eb, then C again (a subtile loop) the song could fit in the Classical, Holidays as well as in the Religious genre.

Song Length 3:39 Genre Unique - Holiday
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Era 2000 and later


(copyrights Thierry Coupey 2014)

Once upon a time
There was a man
People say he was
Born to be King
Coming down to Earth
As a messenger
Holy virgin birth
In December
A starry night
A sign of hope

For all Mankind

A breath of Love
He spent his life
Helping the weak
Sharing 'til he died
Curing the sick
He taught all of us
How we can really love
With no conditions
Just words from Above
How to forgive
With compassion
I do believe
He was a King
All made of Love

(Music in C
and the new NotaBene Choir in Eb :-)

(back to A) Once upon a time
There was a man
People say he was
Born to be King Ooooh!
Coming down to Earth
As a messenger
Holy virgin birth
In December
A starry night
A sign of hope
I do believe
He was a King

... He was a King.

Lyrics Thierry Coupey Music Thierry Coupey
Producer Thierry Coupey Publisher Thierry Coupey
Performance Thierry Coupey (inst) + DeDe Wedekind (vocals) Label Thierry Coupey
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