Song Length 3:36 Genre R & B - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


(written by Nikole Marie ? copywritten 2005 Nicole Grimaldi)

Chorus: I know that you want me
You know that you want me
So gorgeous stop playing, stop playing hard to get
I know that you want me,
You know that you want me
So gorgeous stop playing, stop playing hard to get

Verse 1: I wanna be your lady
You know you drive me crazy
I?ve been watchin? you daily, you stay on my mind.
So stop actin? shady
You know I?m anticipatin?, so stop hesitatin?
You know you should be mine

Pre-chorus: Lookin? good tonight, this may be the night
You?ve got me crazy, cause boy ive been waitin?,
I?m yours for the takin?, it?s like I can taste it
Lookin? good tonight
So stop your playin, you know I?ve been waitin?
This may be the night
So come and get it, it?s yours for the takin?

Chorus: Repeat

Verse 2: Tonight I?m in control
I?m here to let you know
That I know what I want
And where I want this to go
Don?t you dare deny me, want you hear beside me
See I know you want me, so baby come and love me

Pre-chorus: Repeat

Chorus: Repeat

Bridge: The look in your eyes
The way you touch me
I know how you feel, lets just keep it real
And tell me how you feel
Tell me how you feel, lets just keep it real

Chorus: Repeat

Lyrics Nikole Marie Music Nikole Marie
Performance Nikole Marie
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