Black Cat Bone

Story Behind The Song

This story highlights a guy who's too dumb to know that his woman is no good for him.

Song Description

This guy does everything under the sun to get his "Baby" back. He sees a Gypsy Woman and receives a "Black Cat Bone" and gets his girl back. This song has references to voodoo, blackmagic and religion.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Country - Rock, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial, Cheerful Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Making Up
Similar Artists Bryan Adams, Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


My baby left me for another man
High and dry without a leg to stand
Well she took my guitar and stole my Cadillac too
Well she hocked my gold record
And rolled all my smoke
I'm so busted this ain't no joke

But she's my mojo mamma
I'm gonna have to bring her on home.

I called my Witch Doctor
My priest on the phone
I even rang the devil
and Christ on his thrown
I tried every potion, spell and charm
Pulled out my old Saint Chris
and my voodoo doll
My John the Conqueror
and my crystal ball

Well she's my Cajun queen
I'm gonna have to bring her on home

Last night I wondered what have I done wrong?
I tried every kind of magic but she's still not home.
I prayed for an answer as I cried myself to sleep.
A Gypsy woman came to me in my
She said you can't see it but your voodoo has cast a spell but you need one more thing
as far as I can tell
The Black cat bone has the
strongest magic in the land and when I woke
that bone was in my hand.
Pulled out my Black Cat Bone
called her on the phone
I begged, I screamed, I cried and I moaned
I said I'll do better baby I can't live alone
She said, "OK baby." with a sexy moan
I can't wait till were all alone
Just you and me baby and your Black Cat Bone
Oh Yeah
Just You and me baby and your Black Cat Bone

Lyrics Nick Gordon Music Nick Gordon
Producer Nick Gordon and Roby Duron Publisher Nick Gordon
Performance Nick Gordon Label Nick Gordon

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