Lullabies: Iroquois Lullaby 2016

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This is traditional Iroquois Lullaby in the Seneca dialect now almost completely lost. The original song only has the first 3 lines, and is normally chanted. I added the additional line channeling my Iroquois grandmother, who was the last one in a long line to sing the song. Love is never Lost, and a lullaby is the highest expression of Love of Child.

Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Lullaby, New Age - Tribal
Mood Peaceful, Serene Subject Peace, Dreams
Language Other Era Before 1600


Iroquois Lullaby (Seneca) 2016

Ho, Ho (lay lay)
Wa ta nay (little one)
Ki yo ke na (go to sleep)

Hato kha (see)
Na Enita (the moon)
Ha o k ha (listen)
Ki yo ke na (go to sleep)


Hat e no tha (sing)
Enita (moon)
Hat e no tha (sing)
Je sta e ya (darkness)

-Nick Fuse from Traditional Seneca Iroquois circa timeless.

Lyrics Iroquois and Nick Fuse Music Nick Fuse
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Performance Nick Fuse channeling Iroquois Grandmother Label fuse
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