It Didn't Hurt

Story Behind The Song

Deliberately written with a minimal feel and as much space as I dared leave - hope that the emotional intensity is helped by the rambling - non-rhymed lyrics in the verse and the slightly amature vocal performance .

Song Description

Ever felt like you were the one carrying all the load for a relationship? Or the feeling like the bit in a movie where there's a big emotional crisis between the lead charecters and one is left to consider the consequences of what was just said!

Song Length 4:43 Genre Pop - Classic
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Heartbreaking Subject Falling in Love, Unrequited Love
Language English Era 2000 and later



I guess I look a little lonely
Sitting out here in the rain
But I was wandering if what you said was real to you
If if you felt it was just something you had to say

And I understand that things are not that simple
And I understand that you're the strong and silent type
But you've held your cards so close for so long now
Will it be worth it when you make your play

And I didn't mean to make the change by myself
'Cause it's such a long way to fall
And I said, don't worry baby
It didn't hurt at all

And I know between us things aren't always easy
But at the moment things are always hard
And I didn't mean to sound like I had so many questions
hanging over me
But I need a little something while you find your way

And I know that I'm the one whose just too sentimental
But it feels so good to hold you now
You know I'll always take the blame for things that happen to us
'Cause to me you're worth your weight in gold

And I thought maybe we would be a little closr
But I know that's still your call
And I said, don't worry baby
It didn't hurt at all


And I didn't want to make the change for myself
'Cause it's such a long way to fall
And I said, don't worry baby
It didn't hurt at all
It didn't hurt at all

Lyrics Neil Newson Music Neil Newson
Producer Neil Newson Performance Neil Newson

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