Song Description

Classic Chicago house, 4x4 driving kit, big bottom treatment with HI-NRG rapp and roll, dynamic mix with multiple edit points. Get funky!

Song Length 3:48 Genre Electronic - Dance, R & B - Disco
Tempo Medium (111 - 130)


Get Funky

get funky. get funky.

check this out. I'm back again to go with the flow and get with the trend
so listen to the lyrics I sing. the door is open so come on in.
tonite you came to party and dance. meet new friends and clap your hands.
I know that's what you live to do. Robbie G's here to give to you.
The bang the bass the time the place you hang in case you like the pace
go with the flow and dance to the bass. a groove is terrible thing to waste
I can tell by the smile on your face you're ready to pump so get on the case
yo don't play around flow with the sound of a rap house junky. and get funky.

Dig this. It's hipper than hip. hittin heavy on a hard core tip.
blazin frazin don't it sound amazin' raving craving ryhmes I'm sayin'
pumping. Is what I do most. People are jumpin from coast to coast
Sway and move break the groove you can't lose with the stuff you use.

Dance all night til' your bones get lazy
hey girl, you're jigglin baby

Brothers in the house say hoooo.
Now that I know you're good to go get funky.

Party. Everybody get loose. Matt the Cat produced the juice
one of the best from Chi-town, look what I found, the remedy to get down
dance. you're allowed to do so I've got the juice so turn up the stereo
DA cut the edit, get up and let it flow through your body and party
yellin and screamin' and jumpin. to a funky pumpin' groove that's smooth.
in this case i got taste so let the bass trip this jam's a hit
the funky ryhme master is comin' legit
got on the floor and dance don't sit yo dig the move dance to my groove
it's smooth. So get funky.

There's a party in the house.
House music is in full effect.

Get funky.
Get funky.

c 2012 Anderson

Lyrics Robbi G Music Matt Cooper/Dean Anderson/Robbi G
Producer BOLEX
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