Voodoo Sway

Song Description

Taking a train ride with the Devil, while the women take the dancefloor

Song Length 3:15 Genre Country - Americana, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Cool Subject Trains, Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Similar Artists Tim Mcgraw, Kenny Chesney Language English
Era 2000 and later


I hitched a ride aboard a fifty-car train
Leavin' from Texas, headed for New Orleans
Took out my bottle and I started to think
What if the Devil showed and bought me a drink
I took a sip and then I said with a smile
"Thank you, Man. I'll get the next round after awhile."

That's when the lights came up and the band began to play
And the women on the dancefloor did the Voodoo Sway, uh-huh.

I kept my promise and went back to the bar
"Give me two more" I said, and lit my cigar
That's when I saw her shadow crossing the room
No other woman than the princess of doom
She looked like Heaven in them stockings and heels
She said, "Touch my body and see how salvation feels."

That's when the lights went down and the began began to play
With the Devil in my arms, we did the Voodoo Sway, uh-huh

Like a curse, like a spell, like an angel who had fell
She had the voodoo, the way that you do
The band was getting' hotter, man you know she had me doin' the sway.

When I woke up I knew last night was a dream
The empty bottle said I killed ol' Jim Beam
My head was pounding but I said with a smile
"I'll get the next one after while"

Just then the lights came up and the band began to play
As the train started pulling away
I found my old pal Jack and my devil woman's back
So I guess I'm gonna stay and do the Voodoo Sway, uh-huh

Lyrics Michael Stover Music Michael Stover
Performance Kevin Morgan

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