Pattern Song

Song Length 3:06 Genre Unique - Children, Pop - Rock
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, Pleasant Subject See, Vision, Eyes, Laugh, Smile
Language English Era 2000 and later


Patterns, patterns everywhere
Patterns found both here and there
Patterns down in Ms. Murphy's room
On the ceiling and floors too

On the wall and down the hall
Patterns rise and patterns fall
Patterns found in literature
Another word for books I'm sure

I found a pattern on a shell
It had a story of its own to tell
I saw a pattern on a funny shirt
It was worn by a guy named Burt

Often patterns do repeat
You might find some walking down the street
Patterns found in music too
Tap to the beat with your left shoe

Patterns on rocks, leaves and bees
Patterns come in 2's and 3's
If you look close enough
Patterns are in all kinds of stuff

Knitting, weaving takes patterns too
Just so you know what to do
Find the rule and follow through
Now you've got it...Bippity boo!

Patterns found on calendars
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs.
Spider webs use patterns too
They make a strong net on which they chew

Patterns, patterns everywhere
Patterns found both here and there
Find some on the way to school
Finding patterns is oh so cool!

Lyrics Mark Whittaker Music Mark Whittaker
Producer Nick Stephens and Mark Whittaker Publisher Nick Stephens and Mark Whittaker
Performance Nick Stephens and Mark Whittaker Label Nick Whit Records

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