Mothers of Messy Kids, Unite!

Story Behind The Song

Originally, this song was entitled "Mothers of Teenagers, Unite!" I changed a few words to "young it down" so that elementary school kids could be targeted in this song. This is a militant song. This song declares war on messy rooms. May it be a clarion call for moms everywhere to exercise their authority, show their kids who's boss and MAKE THEM CLEAN THEIR ROOMS. Amen!

Song Description

Reminiscent of the Irish Washer Woman (public domain) tune, this funny folk song places a bullseye on kids. It urges moms to gather courage and resolve and make their kids keep their rooms tidy. This comic piece is sure to bring smiles and get everyone marching around the house picking up. Until the dungeon is clean, the I-phone stays in mommy's pocket. 'Nuff said!

Song Length 4:04 Genre Folk - Americana, Unique - Comedy
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Frenzied, Stressed Subject Mother, Baby, Children
Similar Artists Laurie Berkner, Raffi Language No Language
Era 2000 and later


There once was a mother who had a solution
To rid her son's room of all its pollution.
She opened his window and started to pitch;
The stuff on the floor flew out to the ditch.
The pile grew higher; the carpet was clean.
Her son returned home and started to scream
But Mother stood steadfastly on her two feet.
She joined in the army and marched to the beat.

CHORUS: Mothers of messy kids, unite!
Stand up, be counted, join the fight!
You're the boss! You have authority!
Make them the minions that they're meant to be!
Stand up and make them clean their room!
Throw 'em a dustrag and a broom!
Pluck up your courage, girls, and with me stress,
"Clean up your room! Death to this mess!"

Please pick up your hairballs and vacuum the floor
And throw out the papers you stashed by the door
And wipe up the food crumbs you left on your desk
'Cause Mommy is sick and tired of your mess!
Put all your DVD's back in their cases and
Hang up your towels in proper places
And make up your bed like I told you before.
I refuse to put up with a slob anymore.

Your laundry belongs in your drawer and your closet.
When dirty, you must in the hamper deposit
And throw a load into the washing machine
'Cause I'm not your slave, and I'm getting real mean.
I happen to know where your i-Phoneâ„¢ is hiding.
It's here in my pocket and safely abiding
And there it will stay till your dungeon is clean
For this my castle and I am the queen!

Another Mrs. Kate classic.

Well done (clap-clap-clap-clap). Actually, I lied. Sorry!!! It's VERY well done. Lol!!! Thoroughly entertained all the way through. I was a little confused in the beginning because I was expecting a song with an acoustic guitar intro followed by a folky voice and melody, but that was not the case here and I am glad. I think this song would fall more in the Unique or Childrens songs genre if there was one so I do see why you put it in the Alternative Folk genre. Nice work. enjoyed it

Fun Lighthearted song Music matched with the vocals Good song for a Musical

Great story love everything you do and this does not disappoint

Quite the show-tune vibe! Great duet vocals. Truly inspired lyrics, mom!
Quality recording and mix of vocals and piano. Very entertaining "tongue -in-cheek" song.

I love this song. I enjoyed the story line. Great job. Great hook.

Wow, the quality of recording is excellent! This is so unique. I would love to see this in a musical. This is my castle and I am the queen!! Love it. I don't know where this would be placed, but I hope it is. It's just plain fun and as a mother of 3 and grandma now, I hear the lyrics for sure. I think there is an opportunity for unique songs right now listed, maybe you should check into the details. I don't have anything like this so I didn't read the description. Good job on this wonderful adventure of a song.

Female Tom Lehrer....some very good line was "Put all your DVD's back in their cases and Hang up your towels in proper places" I would've added a "the" there...but, it was still very visual. The song is filled with imagery anyone can relate to....well maybe not my wife...she's horsey...I'm the Felix Unger in this

this is just pure fun!
beautiful piano...

good novelty song with a strong Broadway feel to it.
Addresses quit a few of the trial and tribs of youthful wonders.
Performance reflects a true road warrior! Complete with the no win ending.

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer Jamie DeFrates Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter Label Kate Carpenter
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