Bushwhacking Blues

Story Behind The Song

This is a true story. It happened to Tim and me when we first got our RV and were camping at the primitive Standing Indian Campground near Franklin, NC. We were pretty worried. It was getting dark. We were wet and cold, and couldn't get a cell phone signal. We were supposed to meet friends that night for dinner. I began to wonder if we'd ever find our way back, but thank God for answering our desperate cries...we made it to the camper, soaked to the skin and wet to the bone. It's great when you can get lost and get a song out of it!

Song Description

Classic storytelling blues chronicles the hike of the songwriter and her husband venturing out on a nice day hike and getting miserably lost. Soaked by rain, intimidated by the dark, they pray to find a way to their camp and finally succeed in making it back safely. A blues ballad with a happy ending.

Song Length 5:51 Genre Blues - General, Folk - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Worried, Jovial Subject Mountains, Hills, Worry
Similar Artists Cindy Bear, The Kingston Trio Language English
Era 2000 and later


Well it started out to be a real nice day
Hikin' with my hubby down the river way "
Kickin' up my heels, and singin' my song,
Tryin' to catch a leaf, just truckin' along
I said to Tim, "Ain't this weather great?"
He said, "I packed the rain gear ... just in case." Oooo. Oooo. Oooo.

The clouds rolled in; covered up the sun
I said to my hubby, "Hey, you're the smart one!"
I put on my jacket and pulled up the hood
Still havin' fun and feeling real good
Cuz everybody knows the rain must fall
Why should it bother, bother me at all? Oooo. Oooo. Oooo

Wetter and higher, higher and wet
We took a wrong turn and we lost the bet
This logging road is a dead end street
I hope this rain don't turn to sleet
Tim said, "I think the river's down there"
And I'll follow my man, Lord, Lord anywhere. Oooo. Oooo. Oooo

CHORUS: We're soaked to the skin
And wet to the bone.
God only knows we're out here all alone.
If we don't find the trail real soon. Oooo. Oooo.
I've got the BBBBushwhackin' blues.

I'm scared and lost, I'm lost and scared.
The rain soaked through to my underwear.
Scramblin' over rocks and fallen trees
The rhododendron bushes like to strangle me.
I cried and prayed and I prayed and cried.
O Lord, don't leave us... out here to die. Oooo. Oooo. Oooo SING CHORUS

Hey pretty lady, sittin' right there, I think you've got a twig in your hair.
Hey kind sir, I don't mean to flirt, but I think you've got a rip in your shirt.
You can holler and scream; you can cry out in fear, but you can't get a signal out here.
Ooo Ooo I got the BBBushwhackin' blues

Well we gotta press on, no time to mope
The plastic blue streamers gave a little hope
We found 'em and we lost 'em and we found 'em again
I'm prayin' real hard like ten times ten.
Then like a miracle out of the sky
We found the trail! Slapped a big high five.

SEMI-FINAL CHORUS: We were soaked to the skin
We were wet to the bone
But we ran through the river cuz we're almost home
If I squeezed out my socks I could fill a canoe. Ooo Ooo
I got the b-b-bushwhackin' blues.

FINAL CHORUS: We were soaked to the skin; we were wet to the bone
But we ran for the camper, yeah, we're almost home
I've got 10,000 reasons for singin' a big hallelu Ooo Ooo
I got the b-b-bushwhackin' blues.

SLOWED UP ENDING: I got the BBBushwhackin' blues, Why are we back -trackin'
The BBBushwhackin' blues.
I got the BBBushwhackin', odds against me stackin', scramblin' through the bracken, now I'll stop my yakkin'
Got the BBBushwhackin' Blues.

great tone and sound right on point for blues-- love the gritty guitar -- groove and tempo are perfect - well produced and recorded, great players, I like the talk-singing style that tells the story -- it takes a good singer to pull that nuance off... this could have a place in the right movie soundtrack, good luck with it.

I think it needs work. It's not the tightest track in the world.

Fun to listen to. Great voice for this song.

Lyrics Kate Carpenter Music Kate Carpenter
Producer AJ Berning Publisher Kate Carpenter
Performance Kate Carpenter, AJ Berning on guitar & drums Label Kate Carpenter

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