Marilyn Oakley

Marilyn Oakley

What If I Fly

Song Length 3:03 Genre Country - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later



Somebody said the dreams I dare come true
Somebody said the sky's the limit - who
can make a promise like that when
the sky's not always blue

Gotta find if I have what it takes
Gotta face the doubters and mistakes
Won't overcome my fears
by standing still right here

What if I stumble
What if I fall

But what if I fly
Yeah, what if I soar
What if I catch my dreams
And reach for even more
And what if I rise up
Let myself hope
Beyond all expectations
here I go
There's no looking back now
with my feet coming off the ground
What if I fly

It's not a fantasy I'm chasing
It's all about the path I'm facing - why
walk when I can run
It is the chance I'm taking

Imagine with my mind, believe my heart
Don't wait for tomorrow, time to start
Never regret a single day
Step up to the plate



Can't cross the sea
by standing on the shore



© Marilyn Oakley/Carlene McDearis Wentworth/TJ Carter

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