Gone Rebel

Song Length 3:27 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Gone Rebel (c) 2009 Mitch Townley

She got a Beemer from her daddy when she turned sixteen
But traded it for a camo green Silverado last week
mmm...the girl's gone rebel
She's Beacon Hill with Bud Lite tastes
Loves her barbeque on a paper plate
Cuddlin' with country boys on their tailgates
The girls' gone rebel

Y'all raise the flag, give a yee-haw yell
Another soul's been wishin at the Dixie Well
That Mystic Muddy water's got a sweet home spell
Will get you gone, get you gone rebel

She's been climbin' for a while down her family tree
Honky Tonkin' it like a hillbilly, Rockin' out to CDB
Charlie, she's gone rebel
She's NASCAR, Earnhardt, bad to the bone
Has a doublewide, southern fried chromosome
"Gimme Three Steps", for her ringtone
The girl's' gone rebel


Oh you know you got a... Said, oh you know you got a...
Got a double wide chromosome you can't keep in
Let it on out 'n get born again


And we'll raise the flag, give a yee-haw yell
Cause another soul's been wishin at the Dixie Well
That mystic muddy water's got a sweet home spell
Will get you rebel Yeah, We'll get you rebel , Gone Rebel
and you'll be gone, gone, gone Gone Rebel!!

Lyrics Mitch Townley Music Mitch Townley

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