I'm her Guy

Song Length 3:14 Genre Country - General, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject General, General
Era 2000 and later


Verse 1
She's got no morning regime just a simple routine
Throws on an old sweater and her faded blue jeans
She's got overalls in her rucksack
She heads out to work with her old ball cap
She can fine tune an engine as good as new
Won't let anyone tell her what to do
She likes fast car & ridin' dirt bikes
She's the kinda girl that I like

She's a grease girl from nine to five
She sends me into overdrive
She's a classy girl minds her p & q's
She's a bright spark, can have short fuse
She don't even know it she's easy on the eye
She's a Grease Girl and I'm her guy
Yeah I'm her guy

Verse 2
She gets down and dirty underneath the hood
When the weekend rolls around, man she looks so good
With her summer sundress and leather slouch boots
Got no make-up on; she's got a natural look
She drinks beer from the bottle, I don't mean light
Cheering on her home team putting up a fight
She can purr like a kitten, sting like a bee
My heart elevates when she touches me

She's the oil in my veins, got the key to my heart,
Her kiss gives me a jump start
She's a touch of spice, a spoonful of sugar
For me there is no other

Repeat Chorus

cool banjo. hot spark short fuse - nice line. sounds like a radio ready tune.

Lyrics Camilla Gilson Producer Railroad Trax Productions
Performance Phillip Moore
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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