Open Arms

Story Behind The Song

That after many years of doing life, not perfectly, God forgives immediately.

Song Description

The amazing truth that in God we ask for forgiveness and He does - period

Song Length 4:20 Genre Pop - Religious, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Relaxed
Subject God Similar Artists Phil Collins
Language English


Words and Music by Mike ?Buzz? Hood & Ralph Martin

Lord I come to you with my head held down
How can you forgive me again
It?s the same old thing yes to you I bring
I know I have done it before
When will I learn
What will it take how can I stop from making this mistake

Can it be that you still want me
Can it be that your the one to set me free
To your open arms I come running I come running I come running

Lord I come to you with my head held high
Yes I know you?ve forgiven me
No matter what I?ve done if I repent your arms are open to me
Help me learn from my mistakes not look back
Just running straight to your open arms

Lord you see everything that I do that I do
And I will be able to come back to you

Lyrics Michael Hood & Ralph Martin Music Michael Hood
Producer Ralph Martin and Michael Hood Publisher Michael Hood
Performance Michael Hood Label N/A

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