Song Length 3:00 Genre Pop - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


True love or infatuation
You better look before you leap
Can't give your heart without obligation
And the consequences cut deep
No mercy on the lonely or rescue for fools
Searching for paradise
They grasp the world in the palm of their hands
Then the scales fall from their eyes

There's a dark side to paradise
Where dreams meet reality
Hot Love turns cold as ice
And trusting souls are deceived
Where mighty flames of passion
Only flicker in the night
Foolish hearts are sacrificed
Go if you dare but better beware
Of the dark side of paradise

The Garden of Eden's misconception
A naïve heart will learn
That somewhere south of heaven
There's a point of no return
No mercy for the young or rescue for the old
Everyone pays the price
The rich and the poor are waiting on the shore
Of the dark side of paradise

Repeat chorus

Teardrops dry, heartache fades
But the disillusion still grows
You're over the pain but never the same
Take it from someone who knows

Repeat chorus

Lyrics Michael Young Music Mike Young
Producer Kim Copeland Performance Rachel Williams
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Clean Clean

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