Song Length 4:02 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Punk


Drink in your hand OK
Standing there in a drunken haze
With every swallow of that
Dark brown poi - son
You get much closer to your grave

Chorus :
Fat Drunk and Stupid
It?s no way to go through life
It?s no way to go through life
It?s no way to go through life son

Verse 2 :
Stuffing your face all day
Finding it hard to stay away
You tend to wallow in that
All you can eat trough
One day you?re gonna to pay

Verse 3 :
Vacuous stare into space
Incomprehension is your way
With every murmur of your
Half-baked brain-dead words
Its hard not to say?.

Chorus Twice

Lyrics Michael Keister Music Michael Keister
Performance Michael Keister

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