Music For Life

Song Length 5:22 Genre Rap - Hip Hop


this music painted pictures wit scriptures/
like hirogliphics its sometimes religious//

if u just sit in and kinda listen//
the rhyme musicians, playing notes/

wit the keys that they wrote over beats/
they call em m'c's, cuz they were chosen to be//

type of phenomion thats goes on and on/
throughout generations expand the mucic education/

dont refuse the temptation, open your mind/
ull see the sign that u were hoping to find//

my notes are designed, to be the crutches/
that hold u up when it touches/

it rushes up and ur ears and it nudges/
that side that holds the crudges//

cuz if u hear the flow ull just love it//
its nas, hit tech and main, where here to disect the game//

rise up and change/ the ways , like pac did/
until the day u see a prophet/

just make it toxic,
that powder when u take that gun and cock it/

the summer is hot kid, dont sweat it just do the opposite/
take those head phones and block it and hear the music and just rock to it/

Lyrics Main Focus
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