High Noon

Story Behind The Song

When you have an argument with anyone it always reflects something about yourself coming back to you.

Song Description

Written with a wild west feel. A shootout with yourself

Song Length 3:46 Genre Folk - Rock
Language English


I got you in my view and I see right through you
You want to come round here and try to conquer me
Well you're not the first to try and I don't give up without a fight
I'm a fierce one darlin' and it won't come easy

I'll meet you at high noon

You're lookin' pretty tough, we'll find out soon enough
I know each trick you got up your sleeve
'cause I'm your mirrored soul, your alter ego
I'm your lover and your worst enemy

I'll meet you at high noon

We'll take it out of town, just you and me, no one else around
Look each other square in the eye, then let fly
We'll settle it then, once and for all
At High Noon

You got seconds to decide, you can run but you can't hide
Cause fear alone will stop you dead in your tracks
Fear has the devil's say, to keep you running away
From the truth and that monkey on your back

I'll meet you at high noon

Lyrics Mckinley black Music Mckinley Black/Ian Melrose
Producer Mckinley Black/Ian Melrose Publisher Mckinley Black
Performance Mckinley Black Label Stockfisch Records
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