The Coffee Song

Song Length 3:15 Genre Folk - Contemporary


I was wearing my pigtails
And my red jumper with buttons on
You stood in the queue
There was something about you
That made me stop and look

You ordered a latte
I had an Americano
When you asked me to join you
Well I couldn't say no
Cause maybe you'll make me smile
And maybe, we'll laugh for a while

We talked about music
And the places we'd seen
We found out that we both lived in
A land of dreams
We agreed that, though it went unsaid
We'd go see the world 'til there's nothing left

I went in for a coffee
And I came out with you
It brings a whole new meaning to
One sugar or two
Cause baby, I'm the froth you're the spoon
So stir me, I'll be ready soon

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