Ephiphany: Pop/R&B_Female-Written/Produced by Matt Pakucko

Song Length 3:36 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Language English Era 2000 and later


(Pop lyrics)
Words and Music by
Kurt Yusuf and Matt Pakucko

I will never doubt myself, again


Blinded, (I) could not see,
(the) forest for the trees,
Needed a vision with clarity, And a
FLASH an epiphany.

Darkness, was closing in,
I'd seen the past where I've been,
(With) all the lies and all the sin,
How in the world could I ever begin?
Don't you ever doubt me

CH 1

Clarity, Destiny
This will be, My Epiphany


the walls were closing in,
Patience, was wearing thin
Waiting for that peace to come,
Ahhhhhhhhhhh the calm begins

The sacrifice was made
A high price was paid,
All of that just fades away
No more reason to be, afraid.
Don't you ever doubt me

CH 2

Clarity, Destiny
This will be, My Epiphany


Searching for a sign.
Darkness had made me blind
And soon (now) I know that I will find
Don't you ever doubt me


nothing to fear
Truth has is so clear
Now's the time for the world to see
Now is the time of My Epiphany

My epiphany, My epiphany, My epiphany

Lyrics Kurt Yusuf / Matt Pakucko Music Kurt Yusuf / Matt Pakucko
Producer Matt Pakucko Publisher Kurt Yusuf
Performance Gabrielle Thompson Label Kurt Yusuf

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