All I Wanna Give You Is My Love-Namahana

Song Length 3:25 Genre Pop - General, R & B - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


All I Wanna Give You Is My Love

No matter how hard I try, can?t seem to get through to you
I keep on bouncing off the same brick wall
I should have seen it coming, cuz the front you put up is so cool
If you can get over that I?ll catch you when you fall

I don?t understand why it?s so complicated
All you?ve got to do is open up your heart and let me in

All I wanna give you is my love
Tell me baby can you read my lips
I don?t wanna shake your whole world up
I just wanna call it like it is
Aint no reason why you have to be so tough
All I wanna give you is my love
All I wanna give you is my love

I know what it means to you not to show you?re sweet and tender
Everybody will think you can?t hold your own
Everybody got an image to keep up, next to you I?m the worst offender
I don?t wanna be the best pretender all alone

You only get one shot at this kind of affection
Let?s break down the walls, open up your heart and let me in

Repeat Chorus

I?m ready to give you the best years of my life
I only wanna know you feel it too

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 2001 by Mark Keefner

Lyrics Mark Keeffner Music Mark Keeffner
Producer Mark Keeffner/Gibi Del Barrio Publisher Mark Keeffner
Performance Mark Keeffner /Gibi Del Barrio & Namahana

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