VORTEX (Electronic)

Song Description


Song Length 3:18 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - General
Mood Frenetic Era 2000 and later


Vortex- Instrumental
By Marilyn Hall

Copyright 2015 Marilyn Hall

Finally! A song under 4mins. Bravo. Starts right away, flows nicely. Has distinct sections. Wonderfully structured. Great energy.

Wonderful use of existing sections by removing some parts and bringing them back in. It flows so well! Good work!

Yo, I dont regularly listen to electronic music, but I love it nonetheless, and incorporate it into my music as well. Your composition was insane, and I think you did a solid job on the mix as well. Definitely felt some type of way listening to those short, little 3-note squeaks; that banged. I think this would go great for a retro-TV show, or some trippy cartoon/movie.

Great song here! The instrumentation is excellent! Great mixture of synth activity going on because the overall musical arrangement is excellent as well! Action and movement when the drums come in and gets the song moving and grooving! Yeah, I would like write tunes like this one! Keep up the excellence and I hope to see you at the top!

I Love the mood this song sets. It sounds like an anthem or theme song. It also would be at home at a party or club. It also conjures visions of action scenes or club scenes in some of my favorite movies. This is a song that would be on a playlist I'd listen to regularly for late night driving, exercising or long walks for exercise (Not to mention just generally listening for enjoyment). The production, programming and arrangement are on point and show skill and mastery. I would love to hear more from this artist. This is the type of Electronica that in my opinion is the genre at it's best.

This kind of music is the kind of music that gives me momentum to get through the day. I put this on my playlist here in my tiny Toyota for when I have to go pick up my giraffe costume from the dry cleaners. I don't look forward to it ... it's a lot of work trying to get that thing into this tiny car. Anyways, this electronica music track playing would definitely get me into the giraffe-groove with it's cool beat, the weezle sound effects setting a rhythm and some electro-mystery percussion.

This song brings to mind a trapped mouse in an electronic torture maze. You can hear the mouse squeaking in his misery as he tries to get out before it's too late. I don't play video games, but it seems to me this would work well for a video game application. Nice work on the composition. I wonder how long it takes to create a track like this. I really like the HIGH energy of the track. From the get-go, it gets the adrenaline flowing. Good job.

The beat and falling synth hook are really catchy. The percussive synth adds a nice texture, too. I like how there are changes in each section that keep things interesting. It sounds like this could work really well for an action video game or sports montage.

This is a very solid piece that I can certainly being used in a film, a TV show or and advertisement. The good thing is that there are changes and it goes somewhere. It sounds good overall and the rhythm is interesting and holds your attention.

Chock full of rhythm. The song takes you on a journey with beautiful breaks and accents throughout. The music would be perfect for a movie action scene like something I would envision in a James Bond movie. Would love to hear more from this artist.

Cool beat, love the sound of the drums - I like the keyboard as well. Sounds like a movie sound track.


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