Pour Me A Whiskey/Margie & Art Corey

Story Behind The Song

Our Grand Daughter wanted us to write a Country song, that's the Genre we first stated writing songs in..........

Song Description

Wanted to write a Country Western tune........ Our Grand Daughter dared us to write a Country Western song, like the Good Old Days......

Song Length 3:18 Genre Country - Cowboy, Country - Honky Tonk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Similar Artists Kenny Rogers Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


"A Whiskey Or Three"
Margie & Art Corey/BMI
Copyright July 2018 (C)

Pour Me A Whiskey......

1st Verse
I'm trying to write this song, after a Whiskey or three...
Remember how Country Music use to be
Where the hero's all wore white...
And everything always turned out right
Pour me another and let me be........

2nd Verse
How'm I gonna live, now your gone
How's this gonna work, when I'm not strong
I'll miss your tender kiss, yes I'll miss your lips
How's this world gonna keep turnin round
How'm I gonna paint this town
Now you're gone..............

Who's that Bad Guy dressed in black?
I just want to get you back....
If I had a lasso.....I'd wrap it round.....you
Want to write a Good Ol' Song
One you can sing along
After a Whiskey or three

3rd Verse
I don't have a horse named Sue
That I'll ride right back to you
Can I write a part, where you.....mend my broken heart
Where the Good Guy get's the Gal
Could use a Happy Ending now
Pour me another Whiskey......or Three

Who's that Bad Guy dressed in black?
I just want to get you back....
If I had an old lasso, I'd wrap it round.....you
Write a Good Ol' Country Song
One you can sing along
After a Whiskey or three

Pour me another whiskey (or three). Here's the lament of the lonesome cowboy. Instrumentation is definitely cowboy, as is the country twang of the vocalist. The most original thought was "If I had a lasso, I wrap it around you." Great intro and ending. Crystal clear vocals, right on target, nice harmonies. I can see people dancing to this song. It'd make a fun karaoke piece.

Love the dobro! Great build with harmony vocals. Very smooth overall.

Nice song, great vibe and instrumentation and I think it's definitely marketable.

Lyrics Margie & Art Corey/Idea for song Warren Hein Music Art Corey
Producer Art Corey Publisher Sharomar Music Pub./BMI
Performance Buck Swade Vocals, Art Corey Looper Label Haaa Haaa........Funny!!!

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