Black Booty

Story Behind The Song

4 chords and my dark side

Song Description

4 chords and my dark side

Song Length 3:42 Genre Blues - Country, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Quiet, Serene Subject Darkness, Energy
Similar Artists Eric Church, Bill Withers Era 2000 and later


Black Booty
R. Mack Harrell

Down here... the sun don't shine
I gotta boatload a coal to haul outta this mine
Coal dust turns my lips black
But I get paid... so who keeps track?

Black booty
Black gold
Blast that coal right outta this hole...
Black booty
Jet black
You go dark, son
You never come back...

I don't own no white tee shirt
All of mine are soaked in dirt
White ain't right... it just shows mud
Black mixes good with sweat and blood

(chorus) (interlude)

Gimme midnight 'stead of dawn
Underground's where I belong
You need light to hit the mark
I make my money in the dark


I don't drink rum or sweet white wine
I like stout come quittin' time
Rich guys take their liquor pale
But I suck down that thick dark ale

(chorus) (interlude)

Mother earth's a cagey witch
She hides her gold deep in a ditch
And just to throw us boys off track
She seals it tight and paints it black

(chorus x 2)

Kris Kristofferson. The vocal and the instrumentation doesn't compliment each other. The male vocal should aim for a different kind of song. It is difficult to hear the lyrics as the recording and production is not very clear.

I like the bluesy bit to the music. The melody is very good. I would have liked to hear a change in the voice, it seems it as sung in one key. The music was awesome.

Lyrics R. Mack Harrell Music R. Mack Harrell
Producer R. Mack Harrell Publisher Long Dog Studios
Performance R. Mack Harrell Label None

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