Song Length 2:54 Genre Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Mood Moving
Subject Hope, Sadness Language English


Would she say yes?
If i stood right here my heart out on the line.
Would she say no?
and turn around never look back behind,
and if I cried for the first time in my life.

Would she say yes? x2

And if I showed, the other side that no one else has sees,
and if I said, and told you what emotion was to me,
and only you could see whats underneath.

would you say yes x2

I know, that love cannot be hard,
But If i tried, to trust you with my heart,

But if I did, I want to know I really make you laugh,
Because your smile, makes life worth living every day I have,
and I am reaching holding out my hand.

would you say yes x2

Lyrics Luke Coles Music Luke Coles
Performance Luke Coles
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