Find Me a Man

Story Behind The Song

The idea came from my Mom and Sister both being single and constantly in search of the perfect man.

Song Description

This girl is desperately seeking the perfect man ...

Song Length 2:50 Genre Country - General, Country - Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Engaging Subject Excitement, Fun
Language English Era 2000 and later


(Words & Music by Lori Kelley )

Find me a man that hasn?t got a care.
Make him wild and woolly with long dark hair.
Find me a man with a smile
To get my heart a pumpin?
Like I just ran a mile.
Find me a man who can dance like mad,
Make him like an angel,
But make him kind of bad.

Oh, find me a man, find me a man,
find me, oh, find me, oh, find me a man.
Find me a man.
I?m sending out the squad,
I?m blowin? my whole wad,
To find me, oh, find me, oh, find me a man.

Find me a man that hasn?t got a wife.
Make him full of money and make him full of life.
Find me a man ain?t got a bug,
Layin? on the sofa
Or the floor like a rug.
Find me a man who can dance like ?The King,?
Make him kind of saintly,
But make him kind of mean.



Lyrics Lori Kelley Music Lori Kelley
Producer Peter Bonta with Lori Kelley Performance Lori Kelley - Lead Vocals; Chris Salamone - Drums; Rico Petrucelli - Bass; Paul Bell - Guitar; Peter Bonta - Piano

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