Euphemism For God

Song Length 3:01 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Punk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Philosophy Language English
Era 2000 and later


Euphemism For God

Mohammed on the mountain
Attis on the tree
Yahwehs? rainbow promise
Little fingers of epiphany
The dance of Shiva
All giving birth to be

The Bhudda, The Christ, and Lao Tze?s advice
A lotus blossom rises from the sod
An atheist might say the same while trying to step around the name
A Euphemism for God

If your words are strange and sloppy but they?re rooted in agape
Ignore the thrown stones and be acaustic
If I?m giving and forgiving then why debate my living
Be it mathematician, Christian or agnostic

But I don?t talk the same as you do so you chalk it up as voodoo
the great Crusade upon which we trod
And now we?re in a holy war for the trademark to the metaphor
A Euphemism for God
We kill in the name of Love,
Don?t you find that rather odd?

I will ask you to show me
What you think it?s all about
But don?t mistake your finger
For what you?re pointing out

Cos the truth is so much larger than we think it is
A million billion pathways connecting to the heart of it
So can we stop killing each other for the property rights to the infinite?
It?s a Euphemism for Insane
A Euphemism for Inane
We take everything we don?t understand try to flush it down the drain
I wanna know what?s behind your name

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