Can't Thing The Real Beat

Song Length 4:55 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Punk
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Can?t Thing The Real Beat

I shaved my head and threw the clippings in a shopping bag
To see the Macy?s logo full of hair
And I was thinking it?s not different from reality
Man buy Rogaine, women buy Nair

I think it?s sad when other countries all look up to US
Not to our freedom, just our sense of wealth
They want Domino?s, videos, and candy bars
Two for me, none for anybody else

When it absolutely positively has to be there
People turn to meat
But you
Can?t thing the real beat

How do you measure happiness?
How do you count out your bliss?
Is it in degrees?
Or maybe Mercedes?
And the poor will steal it from anyone
And the middle are trying to take it from the rich
And the rich are scheming to get richer
But it?ll eat you anyway in any layer of the sandwich

Cos it ain?t about your new Nike shoes
But what makes you move your feet
Cos you can?t thing the real beat


It?s everything in between the objective and the object
You can feel the rush but don?t know how to clock it
Wrapped up in your don?t-got-and-got-ness
And the early bird special of virtually spotless
And the quicker-picker-uppers, God, you just got to stop this because?

Security does not equal happiness

In a mecca of replicas, they will tell you you are fractured
But there?s something in you man that they cannot manufacture

Cos you should break and de-serve today (Can?t thing the real beat)

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