What We Keep

Song Description

Recollection of the memories that you keep close to your heart.

Song Length 3:13 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Peaceful, Serene
Subject Life, Imagination Language English
Era 2000 and later


What We Keep
Music and Lyrics by Laura Adamowsky

There's a place I can go
Where my dreams are etched in stone
And the road that takes me there
Is filled with moments we once shared

When I hear my favorite song playing on the radio
Suddenly, I'm in another place, another time
Where the memories are so sweet
I recall them in my sleep
Like a picture perfect photograph
It's there in what we keep

You never know what the future will hold
So I'll try to live out all my dreams
If I had just one wish
I would give anything
To bring these photographs to life

There's a face, a familiar face
The one I've traced a million times before
Though these lips have lost your name
I still adore you just the same

When a gentle breeze begins whispering in my ear
All at once it comes rushing back to me
Just when I thought I can't recall
I'm remembering best of all
Like a picture perfect photograph
It's there in what we keep

wow, amazing singing. If I had a voice like yours I'd be famous. what a great song

This was a very nice song... the performance was excellent, and the recording was done perfectly as well

Wow, what a wonderful piece to hear! This is definitely going up there on my favorites. Not only are the lyrics encouraging, but the piano has a distinctive style as it creates a lovely soundscape to accompany the vocals -- very well played. I had to turn this one on repeat, because I love it that much! I do enjoy this style of music, and please let me know when you create something like this!

Lyrics Laura Adamowsky Music Laura Adamowsky
Producer Willie Weist Performance Khy Garner

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