Move Along With It All

Story Behind The Song

Life is a journey, and part of that journey is finding where to go when you're in trouble.

Song Length 2:56 Genre Folk - Religious, Folk - Religious
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Relaxed Subject Hope, Spirituality
Similar Artists Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Move Along With It All Larry Garrett.....Capo 3 or none.
(G)Sometimes life gets me down....I start feelin' (C)sorry for myself,
And if I (G)go with the feelin', I'll (D7)put myself through hell.
But (G)I won't dwell on the bad and I re(C)fuse to crawl.
I just (G)turn it over to (D7)God, and move a(G)long with it all.

I drop (Am)down on my knees.
I pray, (Em)"Please help me."
I turn it (D7)over to God,
And move a(G)long with it all.

(G)I learned to find help, but some folks (C)don't know how.
They're (G)livin' with more hurt than (D7)livin' should allow.
Well, (G)I've been there, I've done that, and I (C)took the fall.
Now I just (G)turn it over to (D7)God, and move a(G)long with it all.

(G)They say life's not easy, and I'm (C)proof that it ain't.
In fact I (G)find it easier being a (D7)sinner than a saint.
But (G)help is always near. I don't (C)even have to call.
I just (G)turn it over to (D7)God, and move a(G)long with it all.
Copyright © Larry Garrett 3-6-2008

Nice quiet folksy song. I'm not into religious music, but this is very nice song.

Loved the guitar work and the vocal recording. The lyrics seem a little crammed into the melody. But I think the idea comes across and could very good with a little lyrical adjustment so the singer doesn't have to work so hard to get all the words in. But great work and acoustic sound!

What a nice, encouraging spiritual song. I really liked the simple arrangement with vocal, guitar, harmonica. Every word was understandable, too. The song has a nice lyrical structure and you held to it well. Hook is memorable. I like your message. I think lyrically verse 3 was your best in this song. Nice guitar picking and harmonica playing.

Nice a relaxing porch music.

Excellent lyrics, with a catchy tune

Lyrics Larry Garrett Music Larry Garrett
Producer Larry Garrett Publisher Larry Garrett
Performance Larry Garrett
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