Love Is

Story Behind The Song

This song actually is a meld of two songs that was put together. The first part of the song is free flowing speaking of the beauty of love in one's heart, then goes on to express really what love is all about.

Song Description

"Love Is" has a duel purpose. It speaks of one who is wanting to convince their mate of their true love that comes from within and also speaks of loving one another for Love bears all things and endures all things.

Song Length 3:11 Genre R & B - Religious, Jazz - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Serene Subject Relationship, Madly In Love
Similar Artists Anita Baker Language English
Era 2000 and later


What are the words to say
To convince you of my love

I've seen deep inside your heart
And it is beautiful

I am sad when you're not there
For nothing can compare

To joys of loving you
Loving you

My love it is plain to see
That my love for you is real

My heart it will vouch for me
So storms inside be still

Let no doubt enter your mind
Look inside and you will find

A heart that loving you
Loving you

For love is
A beautiful thing

Love can be more than you've ever imagined

It bears all things
Endures all things

Oh, Love is like a rose
It cures all woes

Love heals the soul
And you know it to be true

Love is something real
That we can feel

So deep inside
You can't live without it

Love is what need more of
Can speak so many words that we can't say
Brings a smile to all my days

Oh Love, is sure to win the heart
In good and bad times all we need to do
Is love each other

For Love Is
Love Is
Love Is
Love Is

Lyrics Kimla Y. Beasley Music Kimla Y. Beasley
Producer Key of Life Publisher Kimla Y. Beasley
Performance Kimla Y. Beasley
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