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When the leaves were early green,
The sun emblazoned on our little hands
And on our little cheeks, we asked,
"How long will there be days like these?
Will there be tomorrows as clean,
And forever
Tomorrows after that?"
We asked,
"How long will this February last?"

Another silent sunrise
Big clouds, blue sky
Sometimes days will pass you by

And that summer we turned eleven
Unsuspecting, as we were
When I heard my mother whisper in the phone
She asked, "How long?"
But once in a while a child is more
Than just a simple child
He is braver, he is smarter
And strong
He counts the days til February

Another silent sunrise
Big clouds, blue sky
Sometimes days will pass you by
Passing you by...

So here today we stand in single file
To touch his little hands
To kiss his little cheeks and say,
"So long"
There goes another February

Another silent twilight
Of whispered goodbyes
Sometimes days will pass you by
Passing you by
Like February

Lyrics Kimo Pokini Music Kimo Pokini
Producer Mitch Curringa
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