little problems

Song Length 5:08 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Depressing, Beside Yourself Subject Breaking Up
Language English


I?m falling to the bottom of my ocean
I see no way up no, my whole bodies frozen
The waters sneaking in, down into my lungs
Left alone to darkness, just like I came from
Oh my soul is cold down here

Can you ease through a certain time
Without feeling it in your mind
I can?t break free to liberty
I can?t see you, what am I looking for
What am I looking for

You were my heart, yeah, you moved it all
I cant even begin to explain this fall
Now that I have to ignore this pain, insane,
to think of all the ways that I should?ve changed
I?m free as a bird I can go where I please
But your doors are locked and you?ve taken the keys
From me, from me, from me, from me

I?m just waiting for some miracle
Is that too much? I need a pinnacle
The less I think, the more I sense
You?re just a dot in existence

How am I to know

Reach out my hand now, she?s gonna be mine
Just gotta figure out how to turn back time
Get yourself together now its time to move on
Accept the fact that years of love is now just a song &
Move on, move on, move on, move on

You won?t get far, on an empty tank
This car?s got no use, I don?t think
Why does everyone stay, with the broken hearts
Just because they?re there, they?ll still fall apart

How am I to know

Lyrics Kevin Barr Music Kevin Barr
Producer Kevin Barr Publisher Kevin Barr
Performance Kevin Barr Label Kevin Barr

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