Bye Pretty Mama

Song Length 3:11 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Subject Disgust, Regret Language English
Era 2000 and later


oh for the love of god, the bastard,
i've got you to make me weep
you sure like to measure out whiskey
one for every boy you keep

this lonely life is beswt forgotten,
pasws that bottle, make it three,
one for your boyfriends, one for your low-life
one 'fore that freight train catches me

mother mary, mother jane
get me on a west-bound train
i'll go hoboing down that line

i'm gonna take those shoews i bought you
i'm gonna take those pretty little shoes
throw them in the great beyond
put your feet back on the ground

yeah, i'm gonna leave you like i found you,
i'm gonna leave you high and dry,
down and out and high and dry,
just imagine your good time

oh mother mary, mother jane,
keep me happy, keep me sane,
i'll go hoboing down that line,
find me a new good gal sometime

well bye pretty mama time to weep
throw your love on the garbage heap,
bye bye pretty mama, i'm going home,
home to a new life on my own,
yeah home to a new life all my own

Lyrics kevin attra Music kevin attra
Producer kevin attra Performance kevin attra (bass, vocal) boo cowie (guitar, backing vocal)
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