An Old Road

Story Behind The Song

My own personal anxiety and confusion and my awakening to the ways I could become happy and purposeful again. My own solutions we're kriya,(meditational yoga) and asanas, as well as unemotional observation and discovering and commiting to my life's path.

Song Description

Asking if the listener feels lost, confused, stressed, anxios and/or preoccupied. How can we recenter,find inner peace,Love ourselves so that we can love others, and rememeber who we are and what is our path in life.

Song Length 5:25 Genre Jazz - Modern, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Non 4/4 Mood Still, Tranquil
Subject Change, Life Similar Artists Norah Jones, Stevie Wonder
Language English Era 2000 and later


An Old Road

When you know you have lost your way
and the trail is completely cold
You have parted from grace with your back to the place
where your destiny could unfold.

Pay attention to quiet things
Don't ignore the small voice you hear
From deep in your soul comes this message that needs
to be heard by your inner ear.

When you breathe in, believe in yourself with compassion,
the old road is very near.

When the others are fast asleep
is your busy mind still at play?
Are you haunted by unsettled scenes from the past
or concerned for the coming day?

Only one thing belongs to you
It's the moment that you are in
and distracted by want and regret, you forget
how to get to the space within.

Here and now the old road that your heart wants to follow
awaits for you to begin.

- Kelly Brand

Lyrics Kelly Brand Music Kelly Brand
Producer Kelly Brand, Kelly Sill Publisher Queen Pea Music
Performance Mari Ann Jayme Label Kelly Brand
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