Call it Home

Song Length 4:34 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Moving Subject General, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Sting, Genesis Language English
Era 1980 - 1989


Passed beneath the bridge of sighs,
Left a vapour trail across so many skies
Crossed the desert sands,
Walked alone in many lands,

Lost my way so many times,
Lost my heart for I just could not read the signs,
So I soldier on,Try not to dwell upon it..

momma don`t cry,
there`s a place you see,
A place to me yet unknown
And all who`s there
Are just like me ,
I`ll find the place and call it home

Father don`t cry
Wherever you may be,
It`s something you`ve always known,
I`ll follow the ones who are just like me
Find the place, call it home.

Here and there across the seas,
Like a dead leaf floating blindly on the breeze,
Looking for a goal,
Find a fireside for my soul

Just now and then I`m back with you
Just now and then recalling
All that we went through
Do Ihear angels weep
For promises that we`re not keeping,

Lover don`t cry,
was never meant to be
So far apart we had grown
There`s a place that`s calling me,
I`ll find the place and call it home,

All this time I thought I knew you
Thought you saw as I
All this time I could not see you
Too late I know why

Guitar Solo

Brother don`t cry
You are not like me
Hate to leave you alone
There`s a place I`m meant to be
I`ll find the place and call it home

Mother don`t cry
there`s a place you see
A place to me yet unknown,
And all who`s there are just like me
I`ll find the place, nd call it home

Lover don`t cry
Was never meant to be
So far apart we had grown
But there`s a place where i should be,
I`ll find the place....... Call it home

Lyrics Keith James Cosgrove Music Keith James Cosgrove
Producer Keith James Cosgrove Performance Keith James Cosgrove

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