Close the Door

Story Behind The Song

The chorus to this song (lyrics and melody) came to KD in a dream. She quickly got up and recorded them. Months later KD wrote more lyrics and collaborated with Brian on guitar and made an acoustic version of the song, but it didn't quite work.Two years later KD went back and found the spooky groove on the Yamaha Motif and put it all together. It speaks from her own experience and is meant to help others get set free and healed.

Song Description

Codependency: A highly contagious, inhherited, infectious, insidious, disease. A crisis which propels us into the search for some person, place, or thing to make us happy and fulfill our needs, to provide us with a sense of self and to nurture our abandoned inner child. In this search, we relinquish our power and become addicted to the source of our temporary satisfaction.

Song Length 2:50 Genre Rock - General, Rock - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Female
Mood Poignant, Troubled Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Change
Similar Artists Sinead O'Connor Era 2000 and later


One more time
One more way
Ease his pain, save the day
Gave all you had
He threw it away
Don't let the future be the same

Well you know he's got a problem
You can't do this anymore
Show him his need
Convince him to be free

What you gonna do
What you gonna say
Will you help him
Throw his life away
Are you getting tired
Have you had enough
Don't you know, you both will pay


Close the door
Don't let it in
Break the chains in your soul
Walk away
Don't play the game
There is a better way


Walk away
Don't look back

Lyrics KD Forrestal Music KD and Brian Forrestal
Producer KD Forrestal Publisher KD Forrestal
Performance KD & Brian Forrestal

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