Song Description

A bouncy pop rock number saying, "don't touch my man..."

Song Length 2:57 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Heated
Subject Jealousy Language English
Era 2000 and later


You say you?re only looking
I know you?re lining up your sights
You think you?ve got your hook in
You try, but you ain?t got the right
Hey, you keep crawling
I know how to crush all parasites
Yeah, you start running
You just lit a stick of dynamite

Hey, Babe, feeling tough?
You got a hard fight out of me
Hey, Babe, taking aim
You got a sure shot enemy
And no one?s keeping score
?Cos all?s fair in love and war (yeah yeah!)

Don?t think you heard my warning
You better listen pretty good
Stop that big-eyed fawning
Can?t do it? Know damn well I could
No, I?m not laughing
This joke?s gone much further than it should
Yeah, you keep pushing
Think I wouldn?t check you ? yes, I would


Not gonna let you take my baby
More than my life is worth to me
You better wise up pretty quickly
Final warning?s all you get for free


© 2005 Kate Salisbury

Lyrics Kate Salisbury Music Kate Salisbury
Producer Dave Lewis Publisher none
Performance Amy Schroeter Label none

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