Your Highroad Is Made Of Dirt

Story Behind The Song

Someone's ex kept acting "as if" they took the highroad, but then the truth comes out and it turns out they were a hypocrite - or "their highroad was made of dirt."

Song Length 3:50 Genre Country - Americana, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Glad
Subject Justice, Judgement Similar Artists Cody Johnson, Steve Earle
Era 2000 and later


Could be a new beginning but it sure feels like the end
Its never easy when you're heart is on the mend.
If you ever realize who you've hurt
You'll find your high-road was made of dirt.

Time always seems to stand still,
When there's no one there to see it move.
You said there was no way you could come home
So I sat alone, and started getting over you

The first thing I did was hit the bottle
To try and dull all of my cold heart's pain
Next thing I did was hit rock bottom
And started looking for the platform of that train


When I look at that poor reflection
I see my soul's trouble on the rise
But when I look at all our pictures
That storm was always brewing in your eyes.

You told them all that you were so much better
It seemed nothing could ever bring you down
But when you saw me back to being happy
It turn your smile completely upside down


I heard that lonesome whistle blowing
Thought it was the middle of my flight
As the darkness was creeping so much closer closer,
I was saved by a bright and shining light

Lyrics Jared LoStracco Music Jared LoStracco
Producer Jimmy Taylor Publisher NA
Performance Jared LoStracco Label NA

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