Flying On Broken Wings

Song Length 5:06 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Will you look in my eyes and tell me it?s alright with you?
Will you promise to f***in be there along my way?
Will you lead me through the valley of the Rocky Mountains today?
Set my soul on fire with flames for all time
Losing, I feel I?m losing control of my mind, will you promise to be there?
I?m losing (aah aah), I?m losing control on my mind

Tribulations that are put in my way test the strength that I convey
I?m just hanging around, around this town
So many voices I hear in my brain, I see visions I can?t explain
Don?t let me down, help me now
Using but not abusing myself; choosing the way I am

Flying on broken wings
Waiting for my moment then I?ll begin
Flying on broken wings
Will you help me though until the end?

If I don?t make it would you feel betrayed, if I bleed will I heal ok?
I trust in you, so do what you have to do
Reaching out I here you calling my name, I hold on tight I?m not afraid
I won?t look down, no I won?t look down
Using but not abusing myself; I?m choosing the way I am


Flying on broken wings (repeat to fade)
I?m flying

Lyrics Josh Richards Music Josh Richards / Tony Hallinan
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