On the Road in America

Song Description

Very current message! Whoever cuts this song will be perceived a prophet of sorts. A man is losing his country, America, to vested interests which are taking away basic rights. He calls America his girl. He is looking for her on the road, as he is being pursued as by the current government for standing up for his Constitutional rights.

Song Length 3:41 Genre Country - Alternative, Folk - Country
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Poignant Subject Freedom, Road
Similar Artists James Taylor, Bob Dylan Language English
Era 2000 and later


Long ago I had a girl - and folks would roam the whole wide world
Just to see her face and shed a tear - and start a brand new life right here

I had a girl that meant so much to me
I'm on the road in America
I feel all her pain - I see all her beauty
Out on the road in America

Big money man stole her away - he'd start a fire and pretend to save her
From the burning house and full of alarm, she comes running out into his arms


And damned if it don't work every time
You know I'll be there for her - he won't care for her down the line
And she won't change him - he's done this before
And what she don't know today let history show it for sure

I pull into a trucker stop - I need a break from the same old slop
And now I'm eating off of Styrofoam - just a temporary home


Lyrics Jon Statham Music Jon Statham
Producer Jon Statham Publisher Five Pound Opinion Music Publishing
Performance Jon Statham
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