Money Trumps Peace

Story Behind The Song

The truth of the matter is, people who make guns and bombs never seem to be unemployed.

Song Description

In an attempt at explaining why European nations would rather continue to trade with Syria and Iran rather than join OUR DEAR LEADER in protest, Mr. President stated "Money Trumps Peace"

Song Length 4:04 Genre Rock - Ska, World - Reggae/Caribbean
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Vocal Samples
Mood In High Spirits, Pleasant Subject Freedom, Economics
Similar Artists Bob Marley And The Wailers, The Band Language English
Era 2000 and later


Money Trumps Peace

Jon, I?d like to start Mr. President
The only thing I can tell you is that when I speak I?m very conscience about the audience that are listening to my words. The American people want to see some action
I fully understand if you read your newspaper article, which I do, sometimes uh and listen carefully, you?ll hear voices I?m in a little different position in that I?m trying to achieve certain objectives conflict in interests
I?m not going to talk about any of it I?m not going to talk about any of it Not gonna talk about it in other words, commercial interests are very powerful interests that?s o.k. that?s why you pay us all this money.

Money Trumps Peace these are big ideas this is my best idea
Money Trumps Peace let?s put it this way Money Trumps Peace I can talk all day long Money Trumps Peace these are big ideas Peace

Working together we?re too dependent on oil
This is a good first step bring the enemy
These are big ideas these are big ideas
Me that?s what I?m interested in I don?t feel bad Me that?s what I?m interested in I don?t feel bad
You shouldn?t be surprised you said one thing and did another You?d like to think of another question?
Being the kind man that I am, I will recycle you. You like that, huh? Recycling?

Money Trumps Peace Money Trumps Peace Money Trumps Peace

You know, there?s an income gap in America that I talked about when I went to Wall Street
It makes a lot of sense The financial measures that you?re speaking about are really a separate item ?cause it has everything to do with a, uh, it?s a banking issue that our Treasury Department is analyzing to determine whether funds were illicitly moved through the bank yes sir, and I?d like to repeat

Money Trumps Peace Money Trumps Peace Money Trumps Peace Money Trumps Peace
I can?t say it more plainly I am particularly interested in helping get (inaudible)
Money Trumps Peace you better be eloquent Money Trumps Peace we gotta keep em low

Lyrics Jon Hartmann Music Jon Hartmann, George Sopuch
Producer Jon Hartmann Publisher Jon Hartmann Music
Performance Guit: George Sopuch, Jon Hartmann; keyboards & sampling, Jon Hartmann Label Jon Hartmann Records
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