Help Me

Song Description

This is a song about redemption and restoration when we fully surrender to God.

Song Length 5:35 Genre Blues - Rock, Rock - Religious
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Sadness, Healing Similar Artists Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Eagles
Language English Era 2000 and later


She never saw it coming, cause she was always running
From one place to another just to keep her babies alive
But the world keeps on spinning round, even when we all fall down
And we just can't stop the ride
The difference between life and death, is one single breath
But a life without hope can make you wish you were dead
They found a shelter with one room left, so now they can rest their heads
And forget about tomorrow
Night after night she can't hold it inside she says.....

She says help me, she cries help me, won't You come and rescue me
Help me, She says help me, someone help me cause I'm in deep

Mr. B is a bitter man, fought in Vietnam
Served his country and his fellow man
His legs are gone but he's alive, rolling on some 25's
Flying as high as a satellite
He's got a medal for everything under the sun, but they can't buy him love
He's trade them all in for someone to lean on
As he takes his last swig, decides to call it quits
He tries to find his .45 to end his life
But a whisper inside saves his life as he cries.....

Help me, he cries help me, won't You come and rescue me
Help me, he screams help me, someone help me cause I'm in deep

God knows your pain, He's felt it too
When they nailed His little boy to the cross for you
So be still and listen for everything you've been missing
Leave the world behind and let your light shine

She got the news she's been waiting for
She doesn't have to run anymore
Her life is back on track, there's not turning back
And Mr. B's got a family now, but Sunday morning he don't take a bow
Cause when he sings he knows what it's all about
Cause faith hope and love rescued them from above.

Help Me, God says help Me, now you can help Me cause the world's in deep
Help Me, God says help Me, you're alive to help Me make the world believe

Lyrics Joey Davila Music Joey Davila
Producer Joey Davila Publisher JaGlo Music
Performance Joey Davila Label Indie
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