Cinderella (WARNING! This song contains explicit language).

Story Behind The Song

I had the wrong thing done by me so I wrote this song to get it off my chest.

Song Description

A girl who has had the wrong thing done by her expresses what she is feeling in no uncertain terms

Song Length 3:22 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Annoyed, Outraged
Subject Insults, Disgust Era 2000 and later


You had no faith in me and now you're calling me up like nothing has changed
and I couldn't do enough for you but since I've come a long way
I do forgive you if you think I'm a cow but if you trusted in me instead of putting me down
take a look at me that's where you would be now

Instead you called me a bitch when I was cinderella you get what you paid for you peice of shit
What I'm trying to say is that I won't be calling have a nice life Mr hypocrite 'cause I will

If you oppened your heart just a little bit more and oppened your mind and not your mouth before
you said all those things and drove me away oh what I would have given to stay

But you called me a bitch.....

You humiliated me what a shame, the freinds I lost well I guess they're to blame their stupid faces saying "I'm sorry", they probably thought I was a bit of a worry

'Cause you called me a bitch...

How could you call me a bitch when I was just a sweetheart if you knew me now you would understand, back then I was Cinderella now I'm no Alice in Wonderland..



ad lib
Now I'm no Alice in Wonderland..... And it's miss bitch to you..

Lyrics Jo McDonnell Music Jo McDonnell
Performance Joanne McDonnell Label N/A
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