One Down

Song Length 4:28 Genre Folk - Alternative
Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female Mood Passive
Subject Fight Language English
Era 2000 and later


she turns to me in agony
how could you say these things?
you know I don't deserve this
I'll turn away from the blame
though I know how much she
hates it when I try to leave
when loves not going the way I think it should be
but that's just me
she always knows the words to say
to hesitate any attempt at escape
she'll change my mind and I'll stick around
until I know that she's ok
if only for another day


one down a million more to go
this is how we grow
showdown so draw your line and I'll draw mine
one down a million more to go
beats being alone

Verse 2

he looks at me like an enemy
how could you say these things?
I try to make you happy
he's never around
and he works 12 hours a day just to make ends meet
and he says he does it for me
when all I want is to hold the one I cherish the most
spend a little time alone
but he'll change my mind
as quick as a smile and the focus of his eyes

Lyrics Dylan Fant Music Dylan Fant
Producer Dylan Fant Publisher J Minus Publishing
Performance Dylan Fant, Trevor Wheetman, Taylour Chanel

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