Last one to know

Story Behind The Song

Met a dude whose girlfriend had just left him for his best friend. They were all roomates, so he was homeless to boot. His truck was broke down, he had about $20 to his name and he was hitchhiking to Florida in the morning. He was hopful and optimistic

Song Description

Dude hears about his old lady and strikes out for the territories in search of action and adventure. Dude scores major publishing contract through Taxi and uses his wealth and power to make the world a better place.

Song Length 4:50 Genre Country - Alternative, Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Poignant Subject Breaking Up, Hope
Similar Artists The Rolling Stones, Brooks & Dunn Language English
Era 2000 and later


Last one 2 No

Out beyond the rteach of you radio station.
Out beyond the cast of your
headlights glow.
Gonna find me a new place 'n make my own way
Out where your influence don't hold no sway.
Goin' find me a new bar, a place where your
Hippy-dog friends don't go.
I'm always the first one to be the
Last one to know.

Out past the whine of your steel-belted
radial daydream.
Out past the shine of the chrome on the rims of
your Chevrolets.
Goin' find me a new place and make my own way,
out where the numbers don't have any names,
goin' fin' me a new bar, a place where your wall-street
friends don't do the Dow Jones.
I'm always the first one to be
The last one to know.

It was Cinquo de Mayo in the year of '93
and it threw me from the wreakage of the way things used to be.
I'm the last one to know when you been runnin' me 'round
But I could feel that shot long before I heard the sound.

We're open 24 / 7 most'a the time.
Goin' fin' me a new store.
A place where yo mama's friends don't do the stroll.
I'm always the first one to be
the last one to know.

Only one thing for certain,
only one thing I can say.
My life is one day shorter than it was yesterday.
Goin' fin' me a new job,
a place where your redneck friends
don't ruin my Rock-n-Roll.
I'm always the first one to be
the last one to know.

Lyrics Dan Music Dan Mahoney
Producer Dan Mahoney Publisher Dan Mahoney
Performance The Jimmy Mundanes Label Zaibatsu Heavy Mgf.
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