Story Behind The Song

Loosely based Auto-Biographical song about my Irish Great-Grandparents being seperated due to economical problems in the midst of immigrating to North America.

Song Description

Beautiful acoustic guitar ballad, with nice harmonies about separation and the prospects of being reunited soon.

Song Length 4:33 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Joyful Subject Loneliness, Courage
Similar Artists James Taylor, John Mayer Language English
Era 2000 and later


Words and Music by: Jim Breen
It was late in the year, past the first frost of winter
The trees mourned the loss of the colours they'd shed
And I'd stand for hours looking down at the harbour

Where the ship took you girl, it took all the of my world and went....

Sailing (Why'd you go leave me all alone?)
Like the ocean I'm blue (I'll be there soon girl I miss you!)
Across the sea (Promise me you'll wait for me there Baby)
To wait on the shore ('Till we're in each other's arms once more)
Forever's what our love was made for.

Winter has come I'm cold but I'm burnin'
Work my fingers to the bone for the money that I'm earning
for a ticket I'll buy to be there by your side.

On the ship that took you girl, the day the sun left my world
And went ......

Chorus: II

Spring's come and gone but I'm still holdin' on...
Come this July I'll be there by your side

I'll take the ship that took you girl
Put the sun back in my world I'll go.....

Chorus III

Chorus IV

Lyrics Jim Breen Music Jim Breen
Producer Jim Breen Publisher JIm Breen
Performance Jim Breen
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