Lesson In Goodbyes

Song Length 3:16 Genre R & B - Contemporary, R & B - Soul
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Content Subject Falling in Love
Similar Artists Beyonce Language English
Era 2000 and later


Didn't wanna think about love
Cause every time I gave my heart it turned into a million pieces
Didn't wanna think about us
But you're the only one I see, you and me, when I'm dreaming
Every other try always made me feel hollow
Happy for awhile but the loneliness followed
Lately I've been thinking 'bout trust
If you'll give it to me, I'll give it to you

All of my mistakes in love led me closer to the truth
Now I've finally learned my lesson in goodbyes
Even though it shook me up, I was practicing for you
Now I've finally learned my lesson in goodbyes

Every time I look in your eyes
I feel a little butterfly flutter by with no warning
Every time we try to say goodnight
We can't help staying up talking until the morning
When I close my eyes, all the scenes are replaying
All through the night, my little butterfly's staying
Counting my blessings on a cloud
I float away safe up here with you


Lessons that showed me I could feel
Making me see that love is real
Now I know I learned those lessons for you


I've finally learned my lesson in goodbyes
Now I've finally learned my lesson in goodbyes
I've finally learned my lesson in goodbyes

Lyrics Jill Krachmer/Adam Shenk/Wes Switzer Music Jill Krachmer/Adam Shenk/Wes Switzer
Producer Wes Switzer Performance Samantha Nelson
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