Does She Know?

Song Length 5:27 Genre Pop - Religious, Rock - Religious


Does She Know?
Jeremy Carlin

She walks alone, and she hangs her head.
The thing she's running from, is catching up with her again.
And nobody knows the shame she's living in.
There's an emptiness inside her thats causing her to sin.

And her world keeps spinning round and round
So afraid to stand cause she might fall down.

Does she know, His love is never ending.
Comes raining down to wash her tears away.

Did she catch your eye, in the crowd as she passed by.
Did you hear her calling to you, did you even break your stride?
Cause she thinks nobody cares, as her life begins to fray.
She's about to give up, about to throw it all away.

Just before she turns her head to cry,
She turns and looks up towards the sky.

Your grace is new like the dawning of day,
and You're mercy Lord how You took the blame.

He walked over beside her, and showed her the way.
He met her in her sadness, and led her as she prayed.

end ch
Now She knows, His love is never ending.
Came raining down and washed her tears away.

Lyrics Jeremy Carlin Music Jeremy Carlin
Producer Dave Pedde Publisher North Central University
Label Jeremy Carlin Music

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