Story Behind The Song

Listening through Broadjam's 6-pack "Getting in Bed" tracks I was inspired by Donovan Tucker's piece simply titled "Uptempo Acoustic Jam". I was struck by the phrase Zombie Paradise on the first time through listening. There was some tweaking along the way but the song p[retty much wrote itself

Song Description

What love is everlasting? The love of two that will never die.

Song Length 2:51 Genre Folk - Alternative, Unique - Comedy
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Dysfunctional Relations, Hunger Similar Artists Randy Newman, Jimmy Buffett
Language English


We're getting kind of short on brains around here
Just Watch the news and it's abundantly clear
so Take a chance, forget your fears
Take my hand we'll disappear
Let's Run

Cause there's a place where special people like us
Can live forever share a different kind of love
far from spears of prejudice
from those who say we're monstrous
Let's Run

Let's go to Zombie Paradise
Where the party never ends
it's always night
Where the skies are always grey
Like the matter that we crave
Down here in Zombie Paradise

I must admit i fell in love on our first date
I held your hand i felt the blood pulse in your veins
I kissed your lips, kissed your face
kissed your brain, what a taste
I was in love

And there a place for special ones like you and I
Can share forever in this new kind of un-life
Far form torches burning hate
from those who scream that we are plagued
Let's run
We got to get there
where a Zombie can be free
I'll put a bottle in front of you
we'll share a frontal lobotomy

We'll zombie shuffle side by side
hunting prey
We won't grow old together
but together we'll decay



I liked the zany lyric. Nice 'Neil Young' style vocal with a deadpan delivery. The telephone message outro was clever.

Lyrics Jeff Rauschl Music Donovan Tucker
Producer Jeff Rauschl Performance Jeff Rauschl Donovan TUcker
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